Management and Technology for Your Forest

All encompassing forestry management: Accounting, human resources, legal representation and management of other real estate assets (currently under our management are 9 forest districts, a total area of ca. 8500 hectares).

Purchase and sale of timber: Annually we harvest large quantities of timber in the forest districts under our management. Due to these high volumes of timber, we are able to achieve favourable prices and conditions. Take advantage of these.

Forestry Task Force / Examination and restructuring: Offering tested and proven management strategies and problem solving for forest districts. Furthermore, we can provide valuation and assessment of potential timberland investments.

Purchase and sale of timber- and agricultural land: Holistic supervision and consulting.

Advice and training: Take advantage of our experience either through individual advice and/or training of your personnel. We can help to strengthen your firm or organisation.

Forest planning and forest inventory:
  • State-approved felling plans.
  • Declaration of Bosque Nativo, to lower property tax.
  • Environmental impact assessment (forestry component).
  • Application for afforestation and forest management subsidies.
  • Cartography.
  • Forest inventory.

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Centenario 0355, Lanco, Chile