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Our History

In June 2006, the firm was founded as “Comercial y Forestal TREETOP Ltda.“. The foundation was supported by the German organisation CIM (Centre for international migration and development), a subsidiary of the former GTZ (Society for technical cooperation), today the GIZ (Society for international cooperation).

The firm quickly built a large range of services: management, technical consulting, cartography, inventory, felling plans, timber extraction etc. Similarly, the firm operated in various regions and climate zones within Chile and abroad, utilising its services and as a forestry task force. The clients were mostly private entities or public institutions, such as the German Embassy in Chile or the GIZ.

In July 2008, TREETOP Ltda. absorbed Agroforestral RIO CRUCES Ltda., which was regarded as a pioneer in the management of Bosque Nativo, having over 20 years experience in the field.

In August 2012 the managing director and his family purchased TREETOP Ltda. and changed the name to Comercial y Forestal ZBAUM Ltda. The entire team and infrastructure of the firm remained through the acquisition.

Fono Lanco: (56-63) 2441250
e-mail: info@zbaum.cl
Centenario 0355, Lanco, Chile