Elite tree

The name ZBaum Ltda stems from a forestry technique commonly used in Germany in which, depending on species, a select amount of superior trees are chosen based on vitality, quality and spatial dispersion. These select trees are the 'elite trees' (Zukunftsbaum or Z-Baum) and are the measure used for all future cultivation. This process allows the trees to attain their full growth potential, thereby establishing healthy, biodiversified and valuable forests.

ZBaum Ltda. is committed to the holistic management of timberland properties, planning and execution of forestry measures, as well as consulting and training. We administer both the so-called “Bosque Nativo” (forests with autochthonous timber species) as well as plantations with exotic timber species.

Our longstanding specialisation in the management and regeneration of the Bosque Nativo, has positioned us as a forerunner within Chilean forestry.

Fono Lanco: (56-63) 2441250
e-mail: info@zbaum.cl
Centenario 0355, Lanco, Chile